Pregnant Woman Is Kicked In Stomach As Commuters Fight Over Space In A Packed Subway Train During Rush Hour

A pregnant woman was kicked into her stomach and waist during a quarrel at a packed train in east China. Surveillance camera footage shows the moment two female commuters are pushed off a carriage in Nanjing subway while arguing with a pregnant woman. The two women were detained by the police for 12 days and received a fine of 500 yuan (£56.40).





CCTV footage suggested that the incident happened in Olympic Stadium East station, Line no. 2 of Nanjing Metro, Jiangsu Province, on November 21. According to a report by The Paper on December 5, the three passengers were fighting over space in the carriage during rush hour at 5:55pm. Two women, known as Ms Du and Ms Chen, were forced to get off the train due to limited space in the carriage. Ms Tian, who was five-month pregnant, was reportedly kicked in the stomach, waist and legs by the pair.

Pregnant woman is kicked in stomach


Ms Tian was sent to a hospital for check-up and found bruise marks over the areas being kicked. Luckily the attack did not harm the unborn baby.

Pregnant woman is kicked in stomach as commuters fight over space in a packed subway train during rush hour


Policemen at Nanjing Metro identified Ms Du and Ms Chen. The pair was detained 12 days for intentional bodily harm to pregnant woman. They also received a 500 yuan (£56.40) fine each.



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