Prisoner Allowed Out Of Jail For Few Days Decides To Terrorize The Streets

This is Grand Theft Auto: Turkey Edition.

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A prisoner who was on temporary release for a few days terrorized the street of Turkey when he crashed into more than a dozen vehicles in a Grand Theft Auto-like rampage while his girlfriend was in the car before leaping out clutching a machete.
The frightening incident was caught on camera from a building overlooking the street in Kayseri, Central Anatolia. It first shows the driver plough through the street, crashing into parked cars before reversing and coming to a standstill. Crowds then gather around the vehicle to try stop the man and help the passenger, reportedly his girlfriend.
They quickly disperse, however, when the man produces a machete. The suspect was on leave from prison and damaged 18 cars during his destructive spree. He fled the scene and a police chase ensued, but he remains at large, according to local reports.

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