Prisoner Bullies A Sleeping Inmate, Instantly Regrets It

Never mess with a guy who just woke up!

This bully picked a fight with the wrong guy in a jail cell, he would learn the consequences the hard way.
Prisoner Bullies A Sleeping Inmate, Instantly Regrets It
The clip shows six men inside the cell resting, while four are asleep, two men were sitting. The two men seems to be having an argument as their voices grew loud waking up other inmates. The guy in the corner wearing black must have said something resulting in this prisoner to walk over him and started punching him.
bully gets a beating
The guy in black had not been able to escape fast as the man continuously punch him. He couldn’t defend himself at first because his t-shirt was restraining movements, but once he was able to take off his shirt, the bully gets a beating. It’s sad though that the sleeping man got tasered for defending himself.

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