Prisoners stage daring jailbreak after sawing through cell bars so 11 can try to escape escape

Eleven lads were filmed breaking out of prison after inmates prised open cell bars at a jail in Brazil. Dramatic footage shows convicts squeezing out of a gap in a cell before being chased by guards after the bars were forced open.



The extraordinary jailbreak was captured on a mobile phone by a fellow prisoner at the Aparecida de Goiania Correctional Facility in Luiziania near Brasilia.

Authorities reportedly said a prisoner in charge of cleaning used an unknown tool to saw through the bars.


The prisoners escaping through a gap in the cell


Most of the criminals were said to have stained their white uniforms with juice to resemble the pink outfits of prison staff before they escaped during recreation time.

After prising open two bars that had been partially sawed, the men crawled through the space and hopped over a low wall to freedom.


The inmates are seen jumping over a wall


It was not clear why the prisoner who filmed the jailbreak did not join in.

One fugitive was hurt jumping down from the wall and was recaptured. No-one else has been recovered.

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