Racy game show lets contestants strip one another nude if they get questions wrong

This is the saucy moment two guys answered questions on a quiz strip show to determine which stunning lingerie model would take off her clothes first.



The racy clip from the Argentinian show Combate has understandably caused quite a stir among viewers.


The video shows scantily-clad contestants answering quiz questions to keep their clothes on. Unluckily for blonde model Sol Perez, she got the short straw and stepped forward in just a bra and shorts, ready for the strip.


Viewers were left hot under the collar as a TV show contestant stripped on camera after getting a question wrong


Instead of removing her shorts herself, a topless guy from the other team was the one to do the honors. The grinning chap slowly pulls down her shorts to reveal a black thong.


She returned back to her quiz team mate, who was also in a state of undress


Flaunting her body on show, she then struts across the podium for the camera before returning to stand next to her shirtless male team mate. The clip of the unusual show has been seen thousands of times since it was uploaded to YouTube.


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