Raging bull on rampage uses horns to fling pushchair into air after smashing through spectator area at festival

An enraged bull used its horn to fling a pushchair into the air during a Spanish festival, in a chilling reminder of the huge beasts’ brute force.



The massive animal smashed through safety barriers into the spectator area and gored the pram during a “running of the bulls” event in the streets of Iriepal in central Spain.

Luckily the pram was empty during the savage attack, but the event was cancelled following the terrifying near-miss. One person suffered a broken arm bringing the bull back under control.




Adults and children can be seen running to get away from the rampaging bull, and climbing onto balconies to get away from the animal.

Mobile phone footage shows how bull got into the spectator area during the event, which had been organised by the local council.




Authorities called the event off, claiming that appropriate safety measures had not been put in place. But locals who did not want to see the festival cancelled suggested using their own cars as safety barriers.

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