Revealing Uniform of Daring Salesgirl Causes Hilarious Argument Between Couples in Shoe Store

Checking out other attractive women while out with the wife of girlfriend is a mortal sin, if you get caught looking. But it’s a totally different story when a girl’s butt is literally staring right in your face.





A Brazilian gag show pranked couples by having a daring salesgirl dress in a revealing uniform, sparking a hilarious argument when the guys had no choice but to check out her very attractive butt.



Revealing Uniform



In a segment from the Joao Kleber Show, the salesgirl arrives with the footwear couples are looking to purchase. And when she turns her back on them, her uniform reveals her bare butt cheeks right in the dudes’ face, prompting them to look like a deer caught in the headlights to the annoyance of their girlfriends.



Couple Argument



Hey, that just isn’t fair.



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