Rich Guy Modded His Lamborghini and Turned It Into a Controller to Play Xbox

Both game and console developers have been working with advanced technology available to make our gaming experience as close to real life as possible, but some players still look for a more realistic experience and find incredible ways to elevate the game with resources available to them.





The closest thing we have to achieve a realistic car racing game experience are those cockpit controllers complete with a dashboard, a steering wheel and a racing chair. While this kind of controller is already loads of fun to play with, one dude thought it wasn’t enough.



Lambo Mod



Rich dude and sports car enthusiast Pog modded his own Lamborghini Aventador and turned it into a controller for his Xbox to play Forza 7 for an ultra-realistic gaming experience. He managed to rig his car into the console to play at his own garage via a screen projector.



Lambo Racing



It can’t get any more real than this.



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