Road rage cyclist goads taxi to RUN HIM OVER before flinging himself on bonnet and attacking car

This is the moment an enraged cyclist attacked a taxi and goaded the stationary driver to run him over before climbing on the bonnet and ripping a windscreen wiper off.


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Dashcam footage shows the rider hurling abuse at the baffled Blackpool cabby who desperately attempts to drives off. But the cyclist jumps back on his bike and tears after him to confront him again.




The rider had reportedly been filming traffic and wobbling down the road before toppling off his bike, sparking the furious outburst.

The unnamed Premier Taxis driver can be heard reassuring his startled passenger that she was safe before making a getaway, but the cyclist gives chase.




The pair were then confronted a second time after the cyclist tore through a side street, flung his bike to the ground and swaggered towards them. The quick-thinking driver then reversed away from him and drove down a different road.

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