Road Raging Dude Tries to Run Over Photographer, Claiming a Public Road Is His Driveway

Some folks really need to stop, think at what they’re doing and just take a chill pill. Seriously.

A man driving an SUV went on a road rage directed towards a group trying to take photos of cars along a public road in Ramona, California. Apparently, they were causing too much of an inconvenience to him as he drove along a road that he claims as his driveway.

Redneck Rager

In his unwarranted fury, the guy almost ran over the photographer who was trying to reason out with the him. He then slapped the phone away from the photographer’s hand, causing the screen to break after it landed hard on the ground. But when he was asked for $200 to replace the screen, he dropped down his pants and told the owner to ‘suck those $200 out of his d*ck.’

Charging Truck

The man was eventually arrested and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor battery and vandalism. I guess that’s a win for the poor dude who was just trying to make a living.

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