Roofer dupes gullible apprentice into rubbing VIAGRA on his chest to ‘enhance his muscles’ and impress girlfriend

An apprentice roofer admitted to rubbing his chest with VIAGRA and milk during a weekend away with his girlfriend after his boss convinced him that it would make his muscles stand out.

Scott Nicholls, 33, secretly filmed his teenage colleague Richard Davis’s confession that he made a ‘watery paste’ with one of the libido-boosting pills before lathering up his chest.

Richard said he rubbed the 'blue watery paste' across his torso

Naive Richard had taken Scott’s tongue-in-cheek advice too literally and went into hilarious detail as he described a hotel room rendezvous with his partner. In the clip, Richard states that the mixture ‘proper pops [your muscles] out’ and said ‘it feels like it’s tense but you’re not tensing it’.

Richard's colleagues convinced him that the pill would enhance his muscles

Scott, from Cannock, Staffordshire, said: “I can’t believe he actually did it. He’s a bit gullible and we’re always playing pranks on him but I’m amazed he actually told us about it.”

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