Rottweiler Gives Tiny Kitten Big Sloppy Kisses Before Gaining A Taste For It And Trying To Bite Its Head Off

A dog has shown a rare moment of affection towards his species’ long-time nemesis by lavishing sloppy kisses on a tiny kitten. But his paternal care took a turn when he developed a taste for the small feline and tried to bite its head off. Micky the Rottweiler was captured on video using his tongue to groom Ash, the new born kitten.



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The large dog is seen holding the cat steady while licking its tummy and nether regions. The kitten appears to enjoy the grooming and remains in place for around 30 seconds, even once Micky has loosened his grip. However, things appear to turn nasty when, after a brief interlude, Ash begins to meow for his mother.

Rottweiler Gives Tiny Kitten Big Sloppy Kisses


Apparently not appreciating the rejection, Micky then lashes out and starts nibbling on the kitten’s head. When Ash’s mother arrives on the scene, Micky becomes more agitated and begins chomping down more ferociously.Fortunately, Ash’s mother steps in to tend to the kitten and assert her authority, assuming grooming duties for her youngster and keeping a watchful eye on Micky.

Rottweiler Gives Tiny Kitten Big Sloppy Kisses Before Gaining A Taste


The location of the video is not known but it is not thought that Ash was not seriously injured by Micky’s outburst.



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