Russian Waitress Gets Groped By Rude Costumer–Gives Him A Painful Does Of Karma

This clever guy thought it would be a good idea to touch this waitress inappropriately, but it didn’t turn out the way he expected. Don’t mess with this waitress.

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The video above shows a customer at a restaurant in Russia trying to stuff money down a waitress’s shirt. She lashes out at the man, sending him off of his chair, but instead of backing off, he then proceeds to grab her rear end.

Waitress Lashes Out At Rude Customer

That’s when things got really heated and the waitress gave the man what he deserved.
She hits the guy twice over the head with a menu causing him to fall on the ground, that’s when other customers came and led the man out of the restaurant.

Russian Waitress Beats Up Customer

In Soviet Russia, waitress serves you–with a severe beating.

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