Scared Corgi Pup Tries to Go Down the Stairs One Adorable Short Leg at a Time

If you’re a dog lover and not a fan of corgis, there’s probably something wrong with you. Those furry bundles of happiness will never fail to make you smile. But don’t let those short legs and playful demeanor fool you; they’re dangerous and can murder you with cuteness. Even this 9-week old corgi pup trying his best to go down the stairs will surely make your day.

Young Peanut Butter is trying to conquer his fear of going down the stairs. And in between whimpers, he musters enough courage to go down one short cute leg at a time.

Corgi Stairs

But by the time he lands on his second step, he appears to give up, despite words of encouragement from his human. He takes a breather and goes back up.

Giving Up

Maybe another day, little fella.

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