Schoolgirls brawl next to lockers with SCISSORS before horrified student pulls them apart

This is the shocking moment two girls brawled next to school lockers with a pair of scissors as other students looked on.


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One of the girls, wielding the scissors, apparently repeatedly tried to strike the other in the corridor of the school in Illinois, US. The second girl seemingly fought back as surrounding pupils watched and captured the incident on their smartphones.

Footage of the brawl, which took place at Oak Lawn Community High School in Chicago, was later posted on social media.


The first girl, right, apparently repeatedly tried to strike the other with scissors


Shockingly, some of the onlookers could be heard encouraging the warring pair to continue fighting. However, the seriousness of the attack soon became clear as visible wounds could be seen on the second girl. One unseen onlooker said: “Ooh, she bleeding.”

Another student bravely stepped in, wrestling the scissors from the first girl, who allegedly fled the scene before being arrested.


Scissors can be seen in the girl's hand during the dramatic incident


Police say she will be charged over the horrific incident. The second girl was left with injuries to her arms, neck and head. She was treated at a nearby hospital.

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