Scorned Boyfriend Forces Cheating Partner’s New Lover To Get Down On His Knees And Apologize For Affair

This furious boyfriend who found out his girlfriend had allegedly been cheating on him with another man forced her ‘new boyfriend’ to kneel in front of him to say sorry.

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Footage of the apology has gone viral since being shared online, with social media users impressed by the seemingly calm way the scorned lover handled the shocking news.
The heartbroken boyfriend starts yelling in outrage before collecting himself
The clip shows the moment the boyfriend confronts his partner, asking whether or not she has been sleeping with the love rival after spending a night with him. She admits to cheating on her boyfriend there and then, prompting him to yell at her in outrage.
The unfaithful girlfriend's new lover eventually apologises for his role in the affair
But instead of letting his anger consume him, the heartbroken boyfriend decides to give the pair an easy way out — kneel and apologize. In the end, his unfaithful lover’s new boyfriend offers to bear all the responsibility and apologizes, but is still reluctant to kneel in public in what was an extremely embarrassing gesture. The new boyfriend eventually gets to his knees and says: “I’m sorry”.

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