Scorned Gypsy Wife Takes A Sledgehammer To Her Husband’s BMW When She Discovered He Had Been Cheating On Her After A Ten-Year Marriage

A scorned wife smashed a sledgehammer into her husband’s BMW after discovering he had been cheating on her during their 10-year marriage.



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Footage of the woman, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows her standing in front of the vehicle, which has already had its windscreen thoroughly smashed.

Scorned gypsy wife takes a sledgehammer to her husband's BMW


She says, ‘I’ve been married ten years, I’ve never broke a cup, a plate in my life. But I can trust you, you won’t be going back home for this car or selling your trailer.’

Scorned gypsy wife takes a sledgehammer


The woman goes on to say that he ‘knew the girl very well’ and says this is what has ‘cost’ him for ‘one night’. It is not clear when or where the footage was filmed.



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