Scorned woman smashes up boyfriend’s car with a hammer after ‘discovering he cheated on her’

Dramatic footage has captured the moment an angry woman smashes up her boyfriend’s car after claiming to have discovering he cheated on her.

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Using a hammer, the woman breaks most of the vehicle’s windows before scratching the side of the car.

The woman uses a hammer to break the car's windows

The video, which has been posted on LiveLeak, claims the woman is from South Carolina, US, and went on her destructive spree after allegedly finding out her boyfriend had been having an affair . In the footage, she completely destroys her boyfriend’s car, despite a man filming her actions and warning her that she could face repercussions.

The woman had allegedly discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her

Turning her attention to the threat, the woman yells: “Who he say gone get to beat my a**? “Get ’em. Tell ’em I’ll knock them up side the head with this hammer!” After smashing the car to pieces, the woman then moves around to the bonnet and uses the sharp side of the hammer head to carve her initials in the paintwork.

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