Sea lion snatches little girl off pier and drags her into water

This is the moment a sea lion suddenly snatches a little girl from the edge of a pier and drags her into the waters.



Her family gasped in fear as the sudden attack took place at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond B.C. Canada.

Footage of the incident begins with bystanders happily watching the creature swimming around and laughing at its playful movements. At one point the sea lion jumps up towards a little girl sitting on the edge of the pier but laughs can be heard from those watching, clearly not expecting what was about to happen next.


The creature snatches the child by her dress from behind


In a terrifying split second, the mammal leaps up, grabs the girl’s white dress in his mouth and drags her backwards into the water, with her legs flapping in the air.

As the child’s family let out frightened screams, shouting “Oh my God,” a full dressed man bravely dives in and takes hold of her, bringing her back to safety within seconds.


A man immediately dived in to rescue the girl


Helped by relatives and bystanders, the two are pulled back up to the surface. Sighs of relief are heard before the little girl is led away from the scene. Thankfully nobody was injured in the incident according to reports.

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