Shameless couple caught having s3x on park bench in shocking Snapchat footage

A shameless couple have been caught having s3x on a park bench in broad daylight. A shocked passer-by spotted the pair as she walked through the park in Illinois – before deciding to whip out her phone and film them.



She posted the clip on Snapchat with the caption “caught that a**.”

In the clip a man is seen sitting on the bench with a woman wearing blue sat on his lap with her trousers and pants down.




As the passer-by films them they don’t appear phased and even smile at the camera when she calls them out for continuing to have s3x.

She yells at them: “Go ahead and finish bouncing sister” prompting the woman in blue to flash her middle finger to the camera, while she does indeed carry on bouncing.




The woman filming then her she has no respect for herself, prompting her to reply: “He’s my husband.”

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