Shane McMahon Jumped Off A Cage And It Was Intense

The WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 clash took place this week, seeing Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon face off against each other inside the massive steel cage. Now, before you all tell me ‘wrestling’s not real’, like I don’t already know that, watch McMahon’s jump off the top of the cage and tell me that’s not impressive.



I know wrestlers get a lot of flak for it being ‘faked’, but honestly, name any other sports star who would do that? No padding, no mattresses, just him, a table and, what I assume is an awful lot of training on how to ‘safely’ fall and land.


Shane McMahon Jumps Off From Top of Cage


However you feel about wrestling, McMahon shows an unreal amount of dedication to his job, but I guess if your dad is legendary Vince McMahon then that’s going to happen, isn’t it?


watch McMahon's jump off the top of the cage and tell me that's not impressive.


McMahon was later seen being carried out on a stretcher at the end of the show, which to be fair, could have been part of the act or a genuine trip to A&E. It’s impossible to tell, really.

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