Shocking Moment Group Of Boys Racially Abuse An Asian Girl

Sickening footage has emerged of foul-mouthed eight-year-olds chasing after a young girl and screaming racist abuse at her. The group of boys can be heard singing songs about ‘n*****s’ and calling the girl an ‘asian b*****d’ in the distressing clip. The girl, who is about the same age, is forced to pick up a large wooden stick to protect herself.



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The disturbing clip was recorded outside Holytown Primary School in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. It is understood it was filmed towards the end of the summer term. The video begins with a young girl in the distance holding a large wooden stick as a crowd of boys surround her. A young boy can be heard off camera saying: ‘Is it ok if I say something a wee bit racist and you try not to laugh? ‘One, two, three, four. How many n*****s are in my store?’

Shocking Moment Group Of Boys Racially Abuse An Asian


A woman in the park can be heard telling the boys to leave the girl alone. When she asks if they go to Holytown School the boys initially deny it before pointing to the school and saying ‘I go there’. The clip then cuts to the group of screaming boys running across a field and taunting the girl as they shout: ‘You asian b*****d’ and ‘mon you gypsy’.

Shocking Moment Group Of Boys Racially Abuse An Asian Girl


Later in the footage, a boy takes the girl’s wooden stick and another can then be seen chasing her down a street as the others cheer him on. He then makes a lewd gesture to the camera, and the girl can be seen running away from the group as they scream ‘f*** the asians, oh she’s stealing.’



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