Shocking Moment Lorry Driver Swerves Onto Two Wheels Before Regaining Control On A Motorway

This is the moment a truck driver managed to regain control after tilting onto two wheels on a motorway.

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The lorry was hurtling down the middle lane of a South Korean highway when it began to skid.
A lorry in South Korea swerved onto two wheels as it hurtled down the motorway
Moments later it had veered into the inside lane horrifying other motorists. It sailed across the busy road missing cars by mere feet. After the truck driver tried to correct the skid the lorry ended up rolling on just two of its wheels down the road.
Driver managed to regain control of his vehicle after several near misses
Astonishingly the HGV manages to level itself off before it hits the central reservation and continues down the motorway. A huge pile up was avoided thanks to a mixture of luck and the drivers quick thinking.

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