Shocking Moment Ohio State Trooper Gets Hit By A Speeding Car And Goes Airborne

This is the unbelievable moment when an Ohio state trooper in the midst of a routine traffic stop was mowed down by an elderly driver. Despite a full on collision, the cop managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Dash cam footage captured the incident in its entirety. Sergeant Jim Smith, 52, pulled over April Schill, 35, around 11:00 am on Friday for allegedly running a red light. As he spoke with her, another car driven by 80 yrs old James Martin suddenly barreled into him, nearly pinning Smith against the woman’s car.
state trooper flown away
Martin had stricken Smith’s patrol car, which had its emergency lights on, before careening into the unsuspecting officer. Smith was sent flying by the brutal impact, landing in a nearby ditch. Schill can be seen jumping through the driver’s side window and toward Smith in order to render aid.
state trooper hit by a car
Both Smith and Schill were taken to a nearby hospital, where they were treated for non life threatening injuries, while Martin was found to only have minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. So far, no charges have been filed and authorities are still investigating the incident.

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