Shocking Moment Traveller Knocks His Taller Rival Out Cold With A Brutal Right Hook In A Car Park Boxing Bout

A ‘traveller’ is knocked out cold with a single blow before smacking his head on concrete in a shocking video which has emerged online. The footage, which has circulated on various traveller YouTube channelsover the weekend, captured two men sparring in what appears to be an empty car park. They cut and jab in their makeshift boxing ring, and at the very end of the footage one of the men lands a lightning-fast right hook to the other’s head. He instantly collapses backwards and his head thuds into the concrete.





The video, which now has over 42,000 views, was uploaded with the caption: ‘Miley Rooney vs Abraham Cash (Knockout)’. It is not clear when or where in the UK the video was filmed, but it was posted on Saturday. The clip begins with two fighters in what is believed to be an empty concrete car park, surrounded by patches of grass and foliage. The smaller of the two men, wearing black shorts and a black vest top, ducks and dodges as he tries to hit his opponent.

Shocking moment traveller knocks his taller rival Out Cold with a brutal right hook in a car park boxing bout


The other man, wearing a grey t-shirt and black trousers, lunges in to attack the shorter man. He throws one punch but the other man manages to block it with his arms. The man in black then quickly counters and lands a sickening thud into the other man’s face. As the fist connects, the man in grey instantly falls backwards and smashes his head into the concrete ground.

Shocking moment traveller knocks his taller rival Out Cold


As one of the men, who appears to be refereeing the fight, jumps in to check on the stunned fighter, the man in black can be seen raising his arms in triumph. Social media users were quick to comment on the post, with some criticising the fighters and others praising them.



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