Shopkeeper Beats Off Shotgun-Weilding Thief Using A Slipper

An amazing moment was caught on surveillance cameras when the 59-year-old Amrik Singh gets threatened by a shotgun-wielding masked robber.

A slipper can be mightier than a gun in the hands of a valiant Sikh store-owner:

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Held at gun-point, Singh tried to reason with the man and offered to give him money. The thief demanded $100 dollar bills, but Singh explained that he didn’t have any.

Shop Owner Beats Up Thief

The thief then tried to take the change near the counter, that’s when Singh kicked into action, he threw his slipper at the man and pushed him out of the store. The thief fired a round at Singh’s feet before making off.

Singh Beats Thief With Slipper

Singh is King.

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