Shopkeeper Dozes Off While Sneaky Robber Takes Advantage By Stealing His Money

Despite helping you catch some Z’s after a wild night with the bros, sleeping on the job will never be a good idea. Just ask this shopkeeper who suffered the consequences.





A shopkeeper had a rude awakening when a robber found him sleeping and took advantage of this by attempting to steal all of his money from the day’s income in Bukittinggi, Indonesia.



Sleeping Shopkeeper



When a man wearing a motorcycle helmet casually walked into the store one early morning, he spotted the shopkeeper fast asleep and decided it was the perfect chance to steal from him. But while taking out the drawer full of cash from the table, he made the mistake of dropping it, causing the shopkeeper to wake up. It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on and took out a machete, but the robber was already out the door after high-tailing it out of there.



Robber Escape



Dude should start drinking coffee.



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