Shoplifter Attacks Security Guard Using a Set of Cleavers After Caught Casually Walking Out Russian Supermarket

Russia has long and harsh winters, which is one of the reasons why vodka is what comes out of the country’s tap to help keep the people warm while enjoying the other benefits of intoxication. But with it comes a kind of bold and crazy behavior that can land them into a whole lot of trouble, like this shoplifter who stole a pair of meat cleavers at a supermarket.

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CCTV cameras captured a shoplifter stealing a pair of meat cleavers from a 24-hour supermarket in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

Cleaver Shoplifter

But as he casually walks through the row of counters and out the store to make his escape, a security guard spots him and tries to stop him from leaving. Things escalate quickly when the thief decides to use the cleavers to attack the guard.

Cleaver Attack

According to reports, the thief was able to escape, but was soon stopped by a patrol car and arrested.

Probably not drunk, but still batsh*t insane.

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