Shoplifter Walks Into His Local Shop Stark Naked And Steals Beers From The Fridge In Bizarre Theft

A bizarre video has emerged of a stark naked man walking into a local shop and casually helping himself to two bottles of beer.



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CCTV Footage from Poland is reported to show the shoplifter sauntering into the store in broad daylight in the small town of Suwalki, northeast Poland. The nude guest opens the fridge and picks out three bottles that take his fancy, leaving a shop assistant to shocked to take action.

Shoplifter walks into his local shop stark NAKED


According to local police, the 33-year-old nude then went to another shop where he pinched a packet of cigarettes before heading to a bar to order some food. He was arrested while sitting outside waiting for his order and swigging beer, it’s not clear if he was still naked at this point.

Shoplifter walks into his local shop stark NAKED and steals beers from the fridge in bizarre theft


After sobering up in the town’s drunk tank overnight the man showed some repentance for his thievery. Police say he burst out crying and returned to the shop to pay for the beer he had taken. Police spokeswoman Eliza Sawko added he claimed to have no idea why he had stolen the beer nor why he was naked.



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