Sister Goes to Great Lengths to Make Deaf Brother Feel Special

The moment Muharren stepped out of the door, he had no clue that he was about to be transported to a world he is not used to. He is hearing-impaired, so he communicates with people differently. In an effort to make him feel special, his sister teamed up with Samsung to create an environment where there are no communication barriers.

To create this environment, a group of people were trained to learn sign language and cameras were setup around town to capture every moment. When Muharren goes around town, he gets confused as people communicate with him in his language.

Deaf Bro


From the people he comes across on the streets to the store owners and even the cab driver, everybody was communicating with him in sign language.

Sign Language


He gets really confused as to why people around town suddenly know how to use sign language. He soon finds out why through a Samsung video display. He is just overwhelmed.



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