Slow Motion Footage May Have Revealed How Magic Trick Was Done in ‘America’s Got Talent’

It is a mortal sin for magicians to reveal how their tricks are done, so they do their best to conceal the technique and misdirect an audience.



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But this never stopped us from trying to find out how they manage to pull off these amazing tricks, like the one performed by a contestant of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ where he showcased an amazing disappearing coin trick that truly impressed the judges.



Coin Magic



The trick was quite simple: the magician moved the coins around by making them disappear, reappear and switch places on certain areas of a table with a black surface. By slowing down the footage, you just might see how it was done. Most viewers think the table functioned as a TV screen, while some said he used cleverly placed covers on the surface of the table to help with his sleight of hand tricks.



Coins to Petals






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