Spirit Reins Helps This Struggling Teen Suffering From Depression by Partnering Him With a Special Horse

Depression is not something to take lightly, it can hinder a person from making friends, doing work, and for some, it has gone to a point where getting out of bed is a struggle in itself. This was the case for a young man named Andrew, he was so lost to depression that getting out of bed every morning is a battle he faces each day. His heartbroken mother has desperately sought out professional help, but still then, no progress has been done for Andrew.

But there was hope for this poor teenager and his mom, coming in the form of an organization called Spirit Reins. They help kids get through the internal struggles of depression by teaming them up with wild horses.

Spirit reins helps depressed teenager

Watch as Andrew’s touching story is told and see just how a special mustang named Joey help him rise up once again, and reclaim a normal and healthy life.

This horse help him get through depression

It’s amazing just how much of an impact animals can have on people, especially those who are going through some tough times. Depression and anxiety is a really hard thing to have, luckily their are organizations out there that offer help to those who really need it.

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