Spooky footage shows restaurant furniture moving on its own in the dead of night

Spooky CCTV shows a stool shake before tipping itself over in a completely empty bar. Two videos, one filmed after closing and another during business hours, were uploaded to The Cronies Bar Facebook page and show the chairs tilt and topple without anyone going near them.


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Dave Foldes, the bar’s co-owner, insisted that the videos were genuine and it was not a stunt.

He believes the bar, in Ventura, California, could have a ghost on its hands. He told CBS2 : “For this to happen it’s pretty creepy.”




Mr Foldes added that he started Cronies 27 years ago and this was the ‘first time’ anything like this had happened.




The bar’s walls are adorned with photos of employees and customers who have passed away. Patron Juan Munoz said: “So many people come here and go, so…maybe it’s haunted.”

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