Stomach-Churning Video Shows How Food Is Digested Inside Your Body

The human body is quite fascinating. There are countless things going on all at the same time that we are completely unaware of. One can only imagine what goes on with all the food that we consume on a daily basis to make our body function normally, and good thing National Geographic can take us on a first-hand endoscopic tour of the digestive system to find out what really goes on inside our digestive tract from the moment we take a bite down to letting it out the other end all in the name of science.

Warning: Images may be disgusting to some.

From the moment we put food in our mouth, digestion starts its cycle by cutting it down to small pieces using the teeth and saliva breaks down starch for easier digestion.

Bite of Food

The food turns into a bolus, a round slurry mass that travels down the esophagus down to the stomach for digestion.

Entering the Stomach

The resulting thick liquid called chyme then goes out the pyloric sphincter to the duodenum, where it’s further processed by enzymes from the liver and pancreas before entering the small intestine for nutrient absorption.

Small Intestine

After nourishment, it’s time for the waste management, which happens in the large intestine.

Large Intestine

And this is the time when we always end up in the toilet.

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