Storm Chaser Films Himself as He Gets Struck by Lightning

Storm chasers have a tough job. They’re exposed to really harsh elements when they find themselves in the middle of a raging tempest. When they get a little too close, something terrible is bound to happen. Scott Sheppard is one of them. When he found himself in the middle of a brewing storm near Fairburn, South Dakota, he gets struck by lightning while holding on to his camera.

Lightning strikes his arm before hitting the ground. Smoke rises from the bottom of the screen after it hit, and a couple of cars, including his, received heavy damage that they needed to get towed. Aside from a sore arm, Scott was luckily unhurt.

Lightning Strike


Scott was very fortunate he wasn’t in serious trouble. Even if 90% of victims survive, most suffer from long term effects. Good thing it went down to the ground and just got his arm.

Ground Attack


After that awful ordeal and seeing what it did to the ground, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be more careful now.

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