Strong Typhoon Manages to Lift a 747 Off the Ground

Tropical cyclones seem to be getting stronger each year, thanks to drastic changes in the Earth’s climate conditions. And just recently, the most intense typhoon to hit the Northern Hemisphere thus far in 2015 named Typhoon Soudelor ravaged Taiwan and eastern China, leaving at least 38 confirmed dead with thousands evacuated. To give you an idea on how strong the typhoon is, this clip of a Boeing 747 being lifted off the ground will give you the shivers.

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A grounded China Airlines cargo plane gets caught in the middle of the raging typhoon with winds gusting up to 87 miles per hour.

Boeing 747

The winds are so strong, it could lift the front wheels off the ground.

Lifting Wheels

You definitely wouldn’t want to be in one of those flying in the middle of a typhoon this strong.

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