Sweet! Man Works Hard To Surprise Wife With A New Car She Wanted For 15 Years

Husband of the year.

This man surprises his woman by unveiling the new car he had bought her as a birthday present.
The man chose to video the moment, with the cute clip quickly going viral. It starts with the man having his girlfriend close her eyes as he leads her through a parking lot. ‘I want to show you something but you can’t look. You’ve got to close your eyes,’ he says to her in the video, which he is recording on his phone.
‘I have it sitting right here on the curb. But you’ve got to keep your eyes closed the entire time.’ By referring to the gift as sitting on the curb, the woman clearly has no idea that it is actually a car. After counting down from three, the woman opens her eyes and sees the shiny black new wheels that are now hers. ‘Yeah I did. You’re my baby,’ he says to his wife, who quickly bursts into tears.

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