Take a Rare Peek Inside a Kangaroo’s Pouch in This Fascinating Video

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen kangaroos and their famous pouches, with a little joey sticking out at times. But do we really know what the inside of it looks like? You’re about to find out.

In a highly informative episode of the YouTube series and channel “Smarter Every Day,” host Destin Sandlin and his wife traveled all the way to Australia to give us a privileged look inside a kangaroo’s hard-to-find pouch. If you think the video’s too long, jump to 6:20 for the big reveal.

Kangaroo Pouch

Apparently, only females have pouches, and they contain mammary glands so it can feed the joeys up until they are ready to leave, which could take an average of 46 weeks.

Inside the Pouch

According to Destin, the pouch is really small and stretches out for the joey to fit in. And upon closer inspection, he found black and white spots in the back. It totally dismisses the idea of the pouch looking just like the pocket of our jeans.

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