Take a Scenic Ride in One of the Most Unique River Tubing Experiences Ever

If you think river tubing at water parks is as interesting as watching paint dry, you better get your lazy butt to Hawaii.

People tend to go to water parks in droves during the summer months and many try to stay cool as they idly float around boring lazy rivers with kids shouting and covertly peeing in the water. Doesn’t sound appealing right? Maybe this river tubing experience through a mountain can change your mind.

Moutain Tubing

The Kauai Backcountry Adventures tour takes you to a unique river tubing experience as you go through canals and tunnels that were hand-dug and used as a sugar plantation irrigation system back in 1870. You’ll be surrounded with lush greenery as you go through sections of a mountain, while immersing yourself in an awesome piece of history.

Tunnel Tubing

It’s definitely worth the trip.

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