Tech Breakthrough Will Make Skin Look Real in Future Video Games

It’s fascinating how video games have been pushing the boundaries of realism. From the days of Atari’s “Pong” to the highly competitive war between Xbox and PlayStation 4, the technological advancements done to video games are truly astounding. However, it doesn’t stop there.

A tech breakthrough has been unveiled at Siggraph, a computer graphics convention in L.A., which is set to radically transform video game characters as we know it.

Character Emotion

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Imperial College of London and the USC Institute of Creative Technologies, we are now about to enter a whole new world of computer graphics realism. The new tech captures the subtle deformations of human skin as it changes by using a specially designed rig that scans an actor’s face at a resolution of 10 microns. The data is then transferred to a custom software and processed as the skin of a CG character.

Character Realism

I can’t wait to get my hands on the next console that’s going to have this kind of tech.

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