Teen Suffers a Crippling Back Pain for Months Until a Chiropractor Helps Him Get His Life Back

When Muntathar pulled a tree root from the ground, he experienced an intense pain coming from his back which forced him to assume an extreme hunched position. Since then, he couldn’t stand straight and experienced numbness in his right leg. After three months and nine visits to the emergency room, medical doctors hadn’t found a cure for his unique condition, until he found Dr. Ian.

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Mun traveled from the USA all the way to Australia to pay Dr. Ian a visit at Gonstead Chiropractors to begin his amazing journey to healing.


His extreme spinal kyphosis was gradually corrected and the feeling on his right leg slowly came back.

Chiroptractic Healing

In the course of two weeks, Mun was able to stand up straight and walk like a normal kid again.

Standing Straight

All in time for Mun’s graduation.


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