Teenage Student Builds a Working Life-Size BB-8 Droid Out of Household Materials

With the phenomenal success of ‘The Force Awakens,’ Star Wars toys and other merchandise have been flying off the shelves since they hit the stores. While it’s a collector’s dream to haves these items in their possession, a rare few have what it takes to build them on their own.

Angelo Casimiro is a giftted 17-year-old Filipino student who has been building all sorts of electronic gizmos since he was five. This time, he built his very own life-size BB-8 droid out of easily acquired materials with an Arduino microcontroller kit.

Household Items

The robotic ball can be controlled by any smartphone and also speaks fluent droid like in the film. The total cost of building BB-8 amounted to $120, cheaper than the tiny Disney-licensed Sphero version.


The Force is definitely strong with this kid.

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