Teenager Is Knocked Out By Elephant That Sends Him Flying With A Swipe Of Its Trunk When He Tries To Climb On It

This is the outrageous moment a teenager attempts to re-enact a scene from a film by mounting an elephant trunk-first. But the silly stunt ended disastrously when the giant mammal’s patience ran out and flung the fool several feet. He was knocked unconscious after landing on his neck when the elephant called time on his imbecilic pestering. The boy who was holidaying in Kerala, India with a group of friends is believed to have been rushed to hospital.



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After spotting an elephant tethered on a plot and with no mahout around, the boys decided to do something they considered funny.
First they brought some fruit from a nearby shop and attempted to befriend the animal.

Teenager is knocked out by elephant that sends him flying


The elephant, naturally, was more than happy to munch on some fresh bananas. After offering the grub, however, the idiotic teenager thought he had won the elephant’s trust. But when he tried to climb up the its trunk, the clearly disgruntled animal flung him up in the air.

Teenager is knocked out by elephant that sends him flying with a swipe of its trunk


When his friends who recorded the scene on mobile phones investigated, their chum was lying awkwardly after being knocked out. But according to wildlife experts, the situation might have become worse were the elephant not tethered. It might have gored him to death in anger if it were at liberty.



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