Terrifying Moment Church-Goers Throw Books At A Sword-Wielding Attacker Before He Injures Four People And Is Shot

Indonesian police shot and wounded a man who attacked a church congregation with a sword during Sunday Mass, seriously injuring four people including a priest and destroying Christian imagery. Around 100 people were attending the service in the town of Sleman in Yogyakarta province on Java island when a man barged in wielding a one-metre-long sword and began attacking terror-stricken people, seemingly indiscriminately.



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“Four people have been injured in the incident quite seriously but we still cannot determine the perpetrator’s motive,” Yogyakarta police spokesman Yulianto told AFP. Extremists in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country have mounted a series of attacks against Christians and other minorities.

Terrifying moment church-goers throw books at a sword-wielding attacker


A few minutes after the service started, a congregation member ran into the church with a bleeding head chased by a young man holding a sharp weapon, said worshipper Andhi Cahyo. “Everybody started panicking and screaming. I was scrambling to save my wife and children,” Cahyo told AFP. People fled through another door as the attacker ran amok inside the church.

Terrifying moment church-goers throw books


He destroyed some books and a Virgin Mary statue with his sword, said Cahyo, and attacked 81-year-German priest Edmund Prier who was standing at the altar. Prier, who has been living in Indonesia for decades, is now an Indonesian citizen. Police arrived soon after the attack and fired a warning shot but the attacker refused to surrender. All victims have been taken to hospital for treatment. Police said the man was a university student in his early 20s but could not confirm if the incident was related to terrorism.



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