Terry Crews Loses His $hit and Hallucinates While Devouring Spicy Chicken Wings

Terry Crews has graced both the small and the big screen to entertain us with both his comedic talent and his ripped physique. But will his manly muscles be able to withstand the heat of hot wings?





The comedian, slash, action star tried to find out when he was featured in another fun edition of First We Feast‘s ‘Hot Ones,’ where celebrities take up the challenge of eating chicken wings coated in different hot sauces with varying degrees of hotness.



Hot Wings



While talking to host Sean Evans about his life in the NFL and his difficult time with his father, Crews took bite after bite from the wings of death and eventually had tears in his eyes and snot coming out of his nose, until it came down to the hottest sauce. After a short episode of hallucination, he managed to pull through.



Terry Crews






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