The Greek Freak Pranks Bucks Rook Sterling Brown for Not Doing His Rookie Duties

New recruits in professional sports teams have got it tough, since most go through a sort of initiation period before being taken into the fold and accepted as a legit team member. But this is a whole lot easier than not complying to these unspoken rules.





When Milwaukee Bucks rook Sterling Brown thought it was okay to neglect his rookie duties, the team’s star, Giannis Antetokounmpo decided to play a little prank to put him in his place.



Rookie Prank



The Greek Freak thought Brown a lesson in teamwork he’ll never forget when he had his car’s interior filled with popcorn. So when Brown came to open the door to get in, there was loads of the stuff spilling out of his car.



Popcorn Spill



Instant popcorn car freshener scent.



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