The High School Student’s Simple Explanation Of Relativity Will Boggle Your Mind

18-year-old Hillary Diane Andale from the Philippines deservedly won a $250,000 college scholarship for this video.



Like any scientist worth her salt, twelfth-grader Hillary Diane Andales from Tacloban City, Philippines, is unfazed by failure. Although her popular video about Feynman’s path integrals did not win the Breakthrough Junior Challenge last year, her new three-minute explainer of the theory of relativity and the equivalence of reference frames was selected as this year’s winning entry.




The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a worldwide science video competition where students between 13 and 18 years old explain the fundamental concepts in the life sciences, physics and mathematics. For her latest efforts, Andales has won a scholarship worth up to US$250,000, a new science laboratory valued at US$100,000 for her school, designed by and in partnership with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and another US$50,000 for the science teacher who inspired her.




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