The Horrifying Moment A Giant Avalanche Engulfs Russian Mountain Killing Newly-Married Couple And Four Snowboarders

This is the horrifying moment a giant avalanche engulfed a Russian mountain, killing a newly-married couple and four other snowboarders.

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Horrifying CCTV footage, posted on YouTube, shows the avalanche crashing down the mountain.
avalanched at ski resort
Yana Shanina, her husband Vladimir Shanin, were killed on Friday after an avalanche swept through northern hill slope of the Cheget Mountain in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Nina Sobol, Alexander Ivanov, and sportswoman Oksana Sannikova, from Nizhny Novgorod, also died in the tragedy. The two other boarders, two men, have not been named.
avalanched at ski resort killed newly wed
The law enforcement in the Caucasus Mountains said today the snow sport enthusiasts ignored warning signs preventing them from snowboarding in that particular area, which was restricted. They added the boarders paid the ultimate price.

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