The Shocking Moment A Pet Dog Gets Eaten By A Crocodile While Playing In Water Park

Shocking videos shows the moment a pet dog playing along the the water met an unfortunate faith by the hands of a large crocodile.

This pet dog was off its leash and was out running around the estuary at Isimangaliso Wetlands Park in South Africa. One witness said the poor pooch was curious about the hippopotamus and crocodiles it could see across the water.

Dog Innocently Walking By The Water

To the horror of the onlookers, a massive crocodile suddenly bursts out of the water and slams its jaws on the dog’s head. The small dog was no match for the huge reptile as it appeared to swallow the German shepherd in one bite.

Croc Slams Its Jaws On Dog

Well, that was disturbing.

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