The Shocking Moment An Oklahoma Cop Runs Over And Kills A Fleeing Gunwoman After She Fired At Fellow Officers

Disturbing dashcam footage released by Tulsa police shows the moment a 21-year-old woman was run over and killed by a cop after opening fire on officers following a high-speed chase.



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Madison Sueann Dickson died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday after Officer Jonathan Grafton, deliberately hit her with his patrol car to stop her from shooting at police. Dickson was wanted by police over four gun-related incidents in Tulsa during the past week, including shooting a man in the head.

woman run over by a police car


Police released the shocking dashcam footage Thursday afternoon, which consisted of three videos that were edited to show Dickson holding and firing a gun. The video first shows Grafton slowing down his vehicle before he spots Dickson running along a sidewalk in front of Jenks East Elementary School. At first glance, it’s unclear what Dickson is holding in her right hand until the video is slowed down and a red circle shows the gun.

woman wielding a gun run over by a police car


Officers can be heard telling dispatchers that multiple shots are fired. Dickson then points her gun toward the police vehicle as the car moves toward her. The woman appeared to be yelling before she’s struck by the police cruiser. She is then seen falling and going beneath the hood of the car.



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